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Monday, February 5, 2007

Want to watch Joost TV? 6 Beta tokens to give away

I was chatting on Skype with Matt at Joost this morning and he told me that they are really focusing on plugins.

What are plugins? I hear you ask and its a fair question, particularly if you've not seen Joost in action yet.

Put simply, plugins are widgets that load onto your Joost screen and kinda hang there, semi transparent, its hard to describe, but they look great and they work.

The Joost beta version that I'm running includes a clock, feed reader, instant messaging - Jabber and Google Talk, rating plugin, notice board, and channel chat.

an example of the chat plugin on Joost

6 Joost Beta Tokens for Jooster readers

6 Joost Beta tokens to give away this week and I will award them to the best comments left on this post.

What Plugin would you like to see and why?

Enter today and you could be watching Joost this weekend - simply leave a comment on this post and if it makes the grade Ill publish it and let Jooster readers vote on your plugin idea.


Aurelien said...

What I'd like to see is a multi-tuner sort of feature, that would let me watch a movie and keep an eye on the game. I could see it as picture in picture system or a split screen system.

Wandel said...

I'd like to see a plug-in that lets me create my own, local channel, filled with the content I have on my computer.

Wandel said...

Oh, just saw that you want a full name and a email address: My name is Nicklas Wandel and my email is

And I thought of another plug in I want!
I want a plug in that gives Joost som DVR functions; Recording the show your watching to your computer.

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