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Saturday, February 10, 2007

iPhone will use Multi touch technology

Perceptive Pixel is a new startup founded by Jeff Han, the creater of the Multi Touch technology, acquired by Apple in June 2006 with the purchase of Finger works.
There were rumors that Apple had tried, unsuccessfully, to hire Jeff at one point to work on the launch of the iPhone, but Jeff had other ideas, and states that Perceptive Pixel, Jeff´s new vehicle is about to change the face of computing.


"Multi touch uses a technique called Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR) to accomplish the tasks shown. It involves the use of a transparent screen with the images rear-projected onto it. For touch-sensing, a camera is placed behind the screen to detect the user interaction"

And Jeff made his feelings clear on the iPhone commenting to a NY times journalist.

"The iPhone is absolutely gorgeous, and I've always said, if there ever were a company to bring this kind of technology to the consumer market, it's Apple. I just wish it were a bit bigger so I could really use both of my hands."

Watch this incredible video to see Jeff Han and Phil Davidson showing how a multi-touch computer screen will change the way we work (and play).

The future looks bright for multi touch technology; whilst it creating an understandable level of WOW factor during its release in March 2006, its only starts to seem truely revolutionary and a ground breaking moment in global communications when you think of it in the context of Apple.

Apple are about to pump this technology, or something similar, to the millions - worldwide and that just has to be a good thing.

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