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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Beta token entry - A Plugin for Joost

Well I have not used Joost, so I do not have an idea of the available plug-in. But I am trying to be on a position of a user and I like to have the following plug-in:

1)The most important an Outlook plug-in to see new emails and next appointments. (I am going to see TV in the 5 minutes between appointments or in the meantime of an Email answer)
2) A weather plug-in customizable. (It’s important to know the weather in your area to decide to stay or leave somewhere else)
3)A dictionary translator (sometimes watching a movie you need to know what something means)
4)As the previous comment, an small area to watch another channel so you can switch between them (imagine commercials or boring sections of a film). Well I hope to have won a token..... Thanks JJ

If you think Juan's Plugin is a good idea leave a comment for them on this post -

FYI: all entries to the competition need to include your full name and email address so that Joost can open your Beta account and send you the password. Aurelian and Pablo please get in contact with yours. thanks -ED.

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