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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Beta token entry - A plugin idea for Joost

What I'd like to see is a multi-tuner sort of feature, that would let me watch a movie and keep an eye on the game. I could see it as picture in picture system or a split screen system.

February 7, 2007 7:48 AM

If you think Aurelian´s Plugin is a good idea leave a comment for them on this post -

FYI: all entries to the competition need to include your full name and email address so that Joost can open your Beta account and send you the password. Aurelian and Pablo please get in contact with yours. thanks -ED.


Juan said...

The three plug-in ideas have this common feature. That means something right? That means that could be a cool idea. Just a simple comment, the idea of split the screen... doesn't sound to me, its better if you have a small square at bottom right screen to see one or even two more channels, like the real TV's.

Wandel said...

Yeah, I'm with juan on this one. View different channels at the same time is awesome, but I'd rather have a smaller image within the screen rather than doing two halves. That's probably better for the AR too.

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