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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Joost Beta 0.7.4 released including dual monitor support

Dirk-Willem van Gulik of Joost support announced that version 0.7.4 of the Windows client has been uploaded.

Joost has incorporated a lot of customer feedback into this version - from better coping with certain local configurations, firewalls and virus scanners, fixed crashes, added
locale support - all the way to user interface tweaks such as better fonts.

They have also improved upon the small window behavior, improved the tooltips, and
added channel numbers in the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) that are selectable from the keyboard.

Airbag support is now included in the client which will create a minidump
file in the minidump directory within the profile directory if the client program crashes.

Dual monitor support has been added and the window can be dragged from screen to screen or to overlap screens. Dirk commented.

"We're far from done - the zero in 0.7.4 still signals a beta - so any and
all suggestions are very welcome"

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