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Friday, June 15, 2007

Joost invitations available

The Jooster has plenty of Joost invites so if your still waiting drop us a comment to this post with your full name and email, dont worry we wont publish the comment and we will send you your Joost invite.

Editors note: I am receiving many requests for invites with just an email, I cant help you, please send your FIRST and LAST name and your EMAIL or we cant send you an invite

The longest-running provider of online Hip-Hop video content, launches on Joost.

Since its inception in 1996, 88HIPHOP.COM has been a key gathering point for the global community of Hip-Hop performers and fans alike, a site that provided crucial early exposure that helped launch the careers of many of the genre's biggest stars, including Eminem, 50 Cent and Nelly. With this new announcement, 88HIPHOP will bring Hip-Hip music and culture from around the world, including both new and rare classic content from one of the most authoritative online video archives dedicated to Hip-Hop, to Joost.

'By partnering with Joost, we'll be able to use the Internet to reach the broad global audience devoted to Hip-Hop music and culture, in an on-demand, interactive television-like platform,' states Randy Nkonoki-Ward, Founder and President of 88HIPHOP. 'Together with Joost, we're offering a new generation of performers and independent video producers a respected brand through which they can showcase their artistry worldwide, in a context that puts it beside many of the greatest performances and moments in Hip-Hop's history. And since we stress creativity and passion, we also provide advertisers with an efficient means to reach the style- and brand-conscious community of Hip-Hop lovers.'

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The future of tech is in the developing world

NEW YORK (Fortune) -- It can't be said too often, because so few people even still understand its gravity: The adoption of technology in the developing world is tech's biggest trend. A new report by Forrester Research predicts there will be 2.25 billion PCs in the world by 2015, up from 755 million today. The vast majority of that growth will come in places like China, India, Brazil and Eastern Europe.

This growth has implications for everyone developing technology, whether chips, devices, software, or Internet and communications services. If you want to go where the growth is, you have to think about the developing world. But in many cases this will mean a complete reset of business models, towards lower costs, higher volumes and ever-easier user interfaces. Writes study author Simon Yates: "Reaching these users in a cost-effective manner with technology that is relevant to their lives requires a fundamental shift in the way computer hardware and software is designed, assembled, financed, and distributed."

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