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Monday, January 29, 2007

Jooster Content Programmer - Kenny

Thank you to Kenny for the third entry to our Jooster content programmer competition. If you agree with Kenny´s content choices leave a positive comment for him on this post, we will be announcing the winners and giving out the 6 Beta tokens at the end of the month. If you would like to enter the competition click here - there is still time and Ive got 6 tokens so get scribblin!

Jooster Content programmer - Kenny

If I were in charge of content programming for Joost I would try and create content that would keep users coming back for more.

I would do this by putting the most popular and best programming on at all times while adding features that will make users choose to use it rather than watch their own TV.

To appeal to the sports fan, I would target a deal with ESPN to broadcast their news, highlights, and games. I would also try and cut deals with the local teams to broadcast their games so a sports fan of a particular team can see each of their team's games. I would try and appeal to the fantasy sports players by allowing widgets to show stats and scores of players on their team. When there are multiple games on the same time, Users can choose to watch multiple games on the same screen and can select a particular game to watch it on the full screen. Of course, widgets will allow displaying on other statistics and scores that are easily selectable and can display player profiles and highlights of the games. To make it unique, I would try and get exclusive deals for games that aren't televised anywhere else.

For reality TV, I would target some of the top rated reality TV shows like American Idol, Survivor, Big Brother, and the Amazing Race. For reality shows that require people to phone in and vote for their favorites, I would use Joost as an alternative to be able to cast the vote instantly. Also, since shows like Big Brother run 24 hours a day, I would have a channel where Users can view it anytime, rather than just 1 hr of the show every week. To make it more unique, I would show scenes that didn’t have time to make it on the regular TV show. For the big fans of the show, I would create separate channels where Users can customize the content they want to see. For example, an American Idol fan that has a favorite will be able to watch all performances by the one contestant.

For comedy, I would try and cut a deal with Comedy Central which displays comedian acts and shows. To make it unique and making users want to come back for more, I would try and do content deals with specific comedians to show live shows that can only be seen with Joost. I would also offer deals where if someone were to watch a comedian and wants to see them live, they can get exclusive offers for tickets and shows.

For music, I would show live performances and music videos all the time. MTV used to do this but now doesn't play any music. This channel would be dedicated to music all the time. Users can search for specific music videos and performances or even lyrics. Like for comedy, I would also offer deals where if someone were to watch an artist and wants to see them live, they can get exclusive offers for tickets and shows.

For film and drama, I would target the film distributors and cut deals with them so people can watch movies on demand. This would compete with NetFlix users who have to wait for their movies to ship. I would also try and reach deals where newly released movies will be able to seen as well on the same time. For newly released DVDs, I would give an option for Users to purchase it through Joost and be able to copy it onto a DVD.

Reading about Joost, I have realized that the possibilities are endless. With the right content, I believe everyone will be using Joost in the future.


CatsnCarp said...

Hi Kenny, thanks for your thought provoking article.
Have a look at my recent post Standing on the shoulders of giants and the Atomico investments post, as I think Mr Zennstrom has got your ticketing idea covered.
Look specifically at the ViaGoGO investment he has made through his investment company Atomico recently.
Thanks again for your entry and I hope I will be in contact with your Beta token at the start of the month.
Was just watching some Joost today and it is terrific!,
Fraser - Jooster

Jin said...

Lots of good ideas but I don't think Joost will be able to get all the major content providers to join unless they give them a good deal. My idea is to create original programming based off reality tv.

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