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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Who are Atomico Investments?

Atomico Investments.

"We set out to be a different kind of investment group. We exist in the space between angel investors and venture capitalists.

We invest in internet, telecoms, technology and media companies. But more than that we invest in global companies who want to change the world.

When we invest our money, we also invest our advice, knowledge, experience, inspiration, and the access to a fabulous network of people."


We believe:

Strong businesses come from working with people with diverse experience and ideas.

We’re entrepreneurs, just like you.

We invest in entrepreneurs, not business plans.

We like businesses that have ambition to transform customers’ experience in a market and seek to possibly change the world

We are an investment group, not a venture capitalist.

We won’t take over your business. We will make our advice and our network available to you. Our job is to support the entrepreneur.

We believe in trust, instinct and judgment.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from. The next global business will come from anywhere in the world

In five years we will see more eBays, Googles and Skypes

We try not to say ‘no’. Instead we say ‘what if…’.

We don’t want to win any awards. We do want to help realise your vision.

The Atomico portfolio:

wunderLOOP is the market leader in integrated behavioral targeting services for advertising, content and e-commerce. wunderLOOP is built on over seven years of research and development by leading psychologists, mathematicians and advertising experts. With its ability to enable real-time targeting, wunderLOOP is unique in its ability to really understand the consumer. This gives wunderLOOP the potential to take online advertising to the next level for the benefit of both consumers and advertisers alike.

The team behind wunderLOOP includes Michael Kleindl (Chairman) who co-founded Adlink, Ulrich Hegge (CEO) who was the former board member of Gruner+Jahr, Electronic Media Services, Sven Bagemihl (Sales & Marketing) who was the former MD of Germany and Donald Hamilton (MD UK) who was the former MD of Adlink UK. is developing an innovative new platform for interactive broadcasting. Interactive Broadcast Broadband Communities will enable new TV content that involves the participation of viewers and communities. was founded in July 2005 by Erik Abair and Daniel Graf, creators of the world’s first MP3 Jukebox and key figures behind Philips Streamium product line.

FON is building the largest WiFi community in the world.

Members called Foneros share their wireless Internet access at home and, in return, enjoy free WiFi wherever they find another Fonero’s Access Point. To join the community you just need to buy a FON social router, which enables you to securely and fairly share your home broadband connection with other Foneros.

FON founder Martin Varsavsky previously founded seven companies including Jazztel, Viatel and

IQube is an investment company that actively assists early stage companies and entrepreneurs to grow and achieve commercial breakthrough. IQube allows the entrepreneurs to focus and flourish by helping them manage back office services like property facilities, business advice, accounting and PR.

|Founder Johan Stael von Holstein is a seasoned entrepreneur who has previously co-founded Icon MediaLab and among many other companies. are building the world's largest social music platform. taps the wisdom of the crowds, leveraging each user's musical profile to make personalised recommendations, connect users who share similar tastes, provide custom radio streams, and much more. founders Felix Miller, Martin Stiksel and Richard Jones have been working together since 2003.

Technorati is the recognized authority on what's going on in the world of weblogs. They help people search for, surface, and organize bloggers and their daily posts

Technorati tracks the number of links to, and therefore the relevance of blogs, blogs (vlogs), podcasts, and amateur movies and videos; all in real-time.

Founder David Sifry was previously cofounder and CTO of Sputnik, a Wi-Fi gateway company, and Linuxcare.

We invested in Viagogo a while ago. Viagogo is a ticketing reseller company whose slogan is “an online ticket exchange where you can buy and sell live event tickets in a safe and guaranteed way.” Their mission is to bring efficiency and transparency to what has traditionally been a murky market place, thus allowing consumers to buy and sell tickets in a safe and guaranteed way..

Now this is not a new market but Eric is a powerful operator. Prior to viagogo, Eric founded, the leading U.S. online secondary ticketing company for live events. Eric originated the StubHub concept and took StubHub from an idea on a sheet of paper to a rapidly growing, profitable business that has revolutionised the way that fans buy tickets in the secondary market. As founder and President, Eric developed the concept and business plan and was primarily responsible for sales/business development, strategic planning, financing, and public relations.

Eric now aims to change the European ticketing market and we have placed our bets on him making this happen.

Jott it! Voice it!
We have just invested in a really cool company that solves a simple problem. Jott digitises your “to do” lists. It uses your mobile phone to jott down thought, an idea, a task, an action item, a phone number, a gift -- it's anything else you want to offload -- to your email

Jott also lets you JottCast your friends or colleagues directly from your phone. At the beep, you record your Jott, the service automatically translates that to text and sends email and text messages to the people you want to JottCast. Tell me that is not an addictive!

The founders are John Pollard and Shreedhar Madhavapeddi both of whom have +11 years at Microsoft. These guys have solved a simple need and the solution is simple and “just works”.

WeatherBill sells weather derivatives to protect small businesses against adverse weather conditions. This is achieved by having an online platform which allows companies to purchase coverage that automatically pays for adverse weather conditions without any claims hassle. WeatherBill also provides free tools to help businesses understand how weather impacts their financial performance. Weather-prone industries -- from construction to travel -- are all set to benefit.

David Friedberg is the CEO of Weatherbill which he co-founded together with other former key members of the Google team.

The founders of Atomico Investments:
Zennstrom, Niklas
Ljungman, Mattias

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