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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mattias Ljungman Biography

Mattias Ljungman biography

Mattias Ljungman has been working in Venture Capital since 2000. Investments that he has been in charge of includes the social networking site Lunarstorm, IPTV set-top box provider Amino Technologies (listed AiM) and the TV shopping channel Sit-Up TV (bought in 2005 by Telewest). Mr Ljungman has sat on the board of CLS Capital Partners, Keronite, WightCable, WightCable North, Mobilaris, Veg Tech, Roko Sports and Solna Sports Park.

Prior to working in Venture Capital Mr Ljungman worked for the strategy consultancy LEK Consulting and for a fund management company called Valu-Trac.

Education: Mr Ljungman has a Masters of Science in Economics and Business from Stockholm School of Economics, Bachelors of Arts in Geography with a focus on Environmental Studies and a Minor in Economics from McGill Unviersity

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