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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jooster Content Programmer - Chen Jin Xing

Thank you to Jin for the fourth entry to our Jooster content programmer competition.
If you agree with Jin´s content choices leave a positive comment for him on this post, we will be announcing the winners and giving out the 6 Beta tokens at the end of the month.
If you would like to enter the competition click here - there is still time and Ive got 6 tokens so get scribblin!

Jooster Content programmer -Jin

Buzz. That is the key for Joost. To create content that will get water cooler talk the next day. To create content that gets people talking.

I've taken a different approach than just signing popular content providers that already exist. While I would still sign popular and up and coming content providers, I would focus my content programming by having an anchor show for each of the major categories (reality television, sports, comedy, music, film). Here is how I would do it - originality and exclusively. I would do this through reality television and branch off to sports, comedy, music, film/drama from that.

Reality TV is cheaper and easier to produce than regular sitcoms. I would produce many different reality tv shows that can only be exclusively seen on Joost. I would have viewer involvement in the outcome of the show so users can get excited about it and talk about it then next day. I would give the users a chance to win prizes as well to encourage participation and more buzz. I would have a new episode/show everyday so users will come back for more. What would the reality TV shows be about? I would create a show by petitioning for the top writers, producers, and directors to submit their own original work. These will be shown on Joost for viewers to vote for. The top selected contestants will be put in a series of challenges on producing their own commercials, sitcoms, and short length movies that viewers can watch from day one. The grand prize? Your own original film/drama show to be shown exclusively on Joost. Now not only will the viewer's choice for the best writer/producer/director be the winner but they will stick around and see what he or she comes up with for their own show. Moreover, other contestants of the show who didn't win but still showed off their work and had fans could also be offered different shows.

I would create a similar reality tv show except target comedy writers and performers. The winner would receive their own comedy special and show.

For music I would turn to the top reality music show. I would get all the top participants who didn't win the Idol/Superstar series from all over the world such as Pop Idol (UK) and American Idol (US) and create an international world idol. Now this will generate buzz from all over the world with different countries having representation and will give exposure to these unknown artists.

For sports, I would try and create a brand new sport that would interact with Joost somehow. For example, in competitions, fans can choose what matchups they want to see. Like some of the other major categories, I would create a reality tv show that would try and find the best creator of the new sport in which people can see how it was first created from the very first day and feel like they are part of the action. Now that I've created some buzz and some income, I would go out and sign the producers of the popular YouTube "lonelygirl15". I would make the show daily and exclusively on Joost. There is already a loyal fan base from YouTube and Joost can use YouTube to create teasers and generate interest in the newest episode. These shows would be the anchor shows for each of my major categories to help bring buzz to Joost. The main theme would be to use reality tv to create new and innovating new shows, sports, and music. Once people see these shows, they will see some of the other content provided and be hooked on the experience – an original show they helped create from the start.
Great site, I hope I win an invite. Can't wait to try it out.

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okay. then hope you get an invite

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