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Thursday, January 25, 2007

6 Joost beta tokens up for grabs in programming competition

Our competition is pretty simple but the answer could get complex.

We want you to imagine that you are in charge of the content programming for Joost.
Write a short comment to this post with a minimum of 500, and maximum 1500 words, on:

What content would you sign up and why?

(Hey - they might be hiring, you never know)

Within your article you MUST include your content preferences on each of the following categories:
Reality TV

I will Publish your comments as a separate post and Jooster readers can leave their comments on how well you've done! I have 6 invites to give away and I will award them to the 6 best Joost content programmers.
Please include your email (don't worry I wont publish it) so that I can send the winners their Beta token at the end of the month

So what are you waiting for?

The challenge is a tough one but then nobody said revolutionizing the Television industry was going to be easy. Prepare yourself to ride the long tail to niches never yet explored, open your mind and your memories.

Here is an inspiring video for the book The Long Tail to get you thinking on how the 80/20 rule, the distribution bottle necks, the Hollywood strangle hold, has affected your media preferences to date.

We want you to think out of the box, think Google and search, flickr and photos, technorati and blogs, think 2.0, and when you´ve finished all that thinking, do something about it, get your best thoughts down and help in the beta testing by writing about the best content and why you feel passionate about watching it on Joost.

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