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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Joost on Vista - The first bug but Joost has it zapped!

I am very interested in Vista, its going to take a big chunk of my time and effort (I´m very low on the former and high on the latter) in the not too distant future and Im sure thats the same for all of us.

I think 2007 will be the coming of the Internet TV age - led I believe by Joost, but it will also be the year of massive IT upheavals as millions of ordinary users come to terms with a new and potentially scary environment - The year of Vista.

The question of how Joost will run on this media centric OS has been intriguing me (seeing as I just invested in the top of the range Dell XPS 2010 and will be upgrading to Vista as soon as its available)

Paul Stamatiou was lucky enough to get his hands on a copy of Vista and he kindly gives us the lowdown on how it faired.

Paul´s account had me worried until his last entry at 5:19 pm. He found the Joost support forum. I will hold my praise for the moment until I get news from Paul that Joost is operating flawlessly on Vista, but my initial feeling is, Joost has got this cracked.

When you put that into context - Joost Beta software running on a beta OS. You just have to take your hats off to everyone at Joost.

Paul Stamatiou - The Vista Challenge

Last week I got a copy of Vista Business edition through my MSDN Academic Alliance account at Georgia Tech. Obviously, I was compelled to install it and test it out. I was able to successfully get a dual-boot OS X and Vista setup working so I bring to you today, The Vista Challenge. I will be using Vista for an entire day and will see if I can do so without booting into OS X. I will be chronicling my experience and challenges, so be sure to keep coming back for updates.

The Timeline

2:20 PM Just woke up.

2:34 PM First boot. I’ve been waiting a while for all these default gadgets to load up. I find it funny that the “Feed Headlines” gadget only lets you choose between 3 Microsoft feeds.

2:35 PM Feeling triumphant as I learned how to disable the Windows sidebar.

4:37 PM Installing Google Talk, Gaim 2.0.0 Beta 6 and Joost.

4:39 PM Joost gave me an error and won’t run in Vista, darn.

4:44 PM Sound Works! No idea why but it just started working on the iMac. I am very happy. Time to install iTunes and listen to my roommates’ music and/or iTunes radio.

4:58 PM Playing around with Windows Media Player and URGE. “Meh” comes to mind.

5:08 PM Reading up on BitLocker - the drive encryption that comes with Vista Ultimate. I have no need for BitLocker as I plan on loading up Vista through Parallels via Boot Camp so I can’t encrypt it. Unfortunately, the current release of Parallels can’t access Vista through Boot Camp.

5:19 PM I found a workaround for getting Joost to run on Vista.

And this is what the chaps at Joost had to say:

Software Conflict in Vista - Found a temporary bug fix ;)

Yep :-) Found a bugfix for the "Conflict error" in 0.7.2 version..

1. Disable "Compability mode on ALL TVP exe files, ONLY if you played with it in the 0.7.1 or < version.
2. Try starting the TVP, now only ONE error comes up (AcGenral.dll+some path to a directory or something)
3. Find the C:\Windows\AppPatch\AcGenral.dll file.
4. Now rename this files to something as "1AcGenral.dll".
5. You need to have Administrator permission, AND do this first to claim your right back in Vista to modify the file...
6. Right click on file Properties>Security>Advanced>Owner>Edit..>Other users..>Advanced..>Find Now>
Now AGAIN Right click on file Properties>Security>YOUR_ADMINISTOT_USER_ACCOUNT>Full Control>Add..>ok
(Well that what microsoft calls usability! - they gone too secure - try to find a balance - instead of going in totally terror panic!)

7. Now finally you can rename the file..
8. Start TVP, and enjoy its working! ;-)

This excerpt was taken from The Vista Challenge or go to the Joost support page.

1 comment:

Computer Geek said...

That works but the down side to it is it breaks some older apps i use that use the compatabilty mode.

I ended up using Joost on my xp laptop.

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