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Saturday, January 27, 2007

IPTV - The future of Television?

A stimulating article from VOIP Now on the pros and cons of IPTV and its potential.

Content producers:
This means that marginal viewer ship in North America is no longer reason to cancel a show. Some of the best TV shows ever made are now in syndication around the world, and new episodes would no doubt be welcomed.
The Internet can and does support small productions. On the other hand, they now have more competition, since the cost of entry and distribution is greatly reduced.

Variety of content beyond what even Digital TV, with its 600 channels of the same damn thing in 4 time zones, offers. They also have access to obscure content that they may not otherwise see but is valuable to them.


Those broadcasters showing full episodes via streaming video on their websites can now determine the approximate location of their viewers via their computer's IP address. They can also segregate viewers, blocking anyone outside a certain geographic area.

Their paid-for "content" can't be fast-forwarded over using tools like TiVo or DVRs. At least, not that I'm aware of, though this may change.

Blocked from watching content; geographic discrimination. But this isn't really that different than the current broadcasting model.

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Latest news- latest news

The lines are being drawn, the entrenched powers are fighting back, who is going to win this battle of the media giants... my money is on the Free stuff.

What do you think?

"The Long Tail is a brilliantly written, very compelling description of a power law. It is not an economic reality and it has almost no relevance to the economics of the television business. Although I personally think Chris is brilliant, the conclusions he drew from the historical television data points he presented during his keynote are incorrect. The deck illustrated a profound lack of understanding about television production, distribution and the advertising and subscription revenue that drive the business. (Author's note: We will be publishing a paper that deconstructs the Long Tail for the online video business in a few weeks.)"

Read the rest of this fascinating discussion here.

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