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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Joost Content Programmer - Michael Staal-Olsen

Thank you to Michael Staal-Olsen for our second entry to the Jooster content programmer competition.
If you agree with Michael´s content choices leave a positive comment for him on this post, we will be announcing the winners and giving out the 6 Beta tokens at the end of the month.

If you would like to enter the competition click here.

Michael Staal-Olsen:

Well, I’m not the big fan of sport but if I should choose something I would take golf, tennis, badminton and curling. They are all quietly sports if you ask me. And then it isn’t about strength. It is about concentration and focus. Of course it is good if you’ve got some muscles but it is more about focus than muscles. Except of tennis and badminton. I think you have to be strong if you want to be professional. But it is still great to see how they can smash to an already hard ball. That’s what I call sport.

• ‘Dr Phil’ is a great show. He is good to show people the right paths if they’ve got problems inside or outside their homes. He is always relaxed when he gives his advices. I think it is nice to watch. I like talk shows. But not shows about dating and such things. I think it is boring to watch people that want a girl and then they ask a person for an advice. The person now tell him that he is a geek an then they have to buy him some new dress. I just think it is to unrealistic.

• I think that ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Joey’ and ‘Friends’ is my favourite comedy series. ‘The Simpsons’ is about Homer Simpson and his family’s odd and strange life in the also very odd and strange town Springfield. But maybe it is Homer that makes all the family looks like idiots. I think that there is about 17 seasons. I know that there also is coming a movie about them. I hope that I may watch it for my parents. But I hope that it won’t be a bad movie. I’ve heard about series that became movies and they became awful.

• Music is not my business. But I think that ‘Mew’ and ‘the Beatles’ is great musicians. It is a kind of soft rock. Not metal rock. Soft rock is quieter. And it is either good to listen to. It was sad that John Lennon leaved ‘the Beatles’. He was a good musician. And so were the others. ‘Mew’ has created such songs as ‘the zookeepers boy’, am I wry? No’ and ‘symmetry’. To me it listen like ‘the Beatles’ a bit. And then they are still playing. Actually they have won an award in Denmark as ‘the best song’. It must be fun to win such an award!

• I like movies as ‘Harry Potter’, ‘the Lord of the Rings’, ‘Scary movie (1-4)’, and ‘Kill Bill (1-2)’. They are very different but that is also nice to watch different kinds of movies. ‘Harry Potter’ has the mysterious, the magic and the war against the dark side just as ‘the Lord of the Rings’. They have also magic, war and so on. ‘Scary movie’ has the comedy. It is about some teenagers that think that they are going to die… and so they are. But it is not a scary death… it is a funny death… - ‘Kill Bill’ is not funny. It is about murders between murders. You don’t know why they fight before the end of the film. And then you will get all your questions get answered…


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i think you're right about this. hope you're going to try joost! it is cool!

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i hope "jooster" think you are that good as i think

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