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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Want to watch Joost this weekend? 10 beta tokens giveaway

I've got 10 Joost Beta tokens to give away and Ill send them out this Friday afternoon to the first 10 comments to this post, I will decide who gets tokens based on first comments posted or if we get more than 10 entries, then it will be the comment that made me snigger the most. Remember to include your full name and email address or I cant send you your token.


Julia said...

You beta believe that I would joost love to be token of those Joost Beta Tokens you're offerin'!

Pick me! Pick me!


ed said...

"You beta believe". NICE! I gotta use that more often and you'd better patent that! Please invite me! I don't have much to offer but torrent invites if interested! THANKS!

ed said...

sorry!!!!! You know what for! I really didn't mean to spam you up! Like this email is doing...grr...Im done! ;)

leenx said...

up for a token!!!!

craesmeyer #

Stan said...


I'm totally Joosted by your blog. I made it to be my homepage to not miss any post. It would definitelly be sooooo cool if you could pick me for the beta.

Thanks a lot.

Stan Kastanek

Tinus said...

Can you Please Please send me one at t.guichelaar [at]

Thanks in advance!

Darran said...

Doing medical research over the weekend, I need this :) 48 hours with out leaving the bed - Joost would pull me through!!!!

P said...

I need to relax in front of Joost after a hard week with annoying teenage pupils. I've almost ripped all my hair off.

Pierre Segersvärd

Brian Bridges said...

I'm presenting three sessions at this week's CUE Conference. Normally, i give a pre-prentation presentation to those who arrive early. i'd LOVE to add a Joost demo to wow the audiences.


Larry said...

I want a Token Joost because.

Larry said...

I would like a token Joost because.

oTaKu said...

Been waiting for this since the days
of "The Venice Project"

Please send me a token, I can't wait any longer.


Anonymous said...

Seeking a

theres more where this came from

thank you, thank you very much

frankandlori said...

Seeking a

thanking you in advance,fg

gmork said...

I would really like in invite to, and I will share my two invites to the other/remaining commentors on this page!

Anonymous said...

Who would want a silly token? I don't understand this sillyness. But I will take one for my friend who has no Internet. He is crazy but I will give him Joost token to be nice. OK I will watch too - but just for research... ;) please!

mvjs said...

Boost me up with a Joost invite!

I'd be thrilled to get a Joost invite!


michaelvjsmyth [at]
Michael Smyth

Bublie said...

Once again the same lonely soul from Belgium.
I am still waiting for a invite for Joost and its sad it takes so long if ever to get one.

Stan said...

Hello Bublie,

you're not alone from Belgium ;o)

Robert said...

Hi, Julia
It's interesting to know there's Joost, wow!! it's different, well, if you realize it's beta but it's well received and who knows it's the In!! thing on the Net, thanks and appreciate if I could receive a beta token for Joost to view its contents indepth and have a very enjoyable time !!! see you, best regards, Bob Tong,
Have a pleasant week and weekend ahead !!! God Bless !!!

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