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Thursday, March 1, 2007

1 Beta token give away from Greg a Jooster beta tester

Greg sent me this email today which I thought I would post as is:

Hi, can you post the following on Jooster please. I'm sure some guys will be happy with this as I was when I got my invite offered on Jooster ;-)

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Title: Wanna try Joost today? 1 beta token giveaway
Post: I've got 1 Joost Beta token to give away and I'll send it out to the first comment to this post. Remember to include your full name and email address.


Brian Bridges said...

I'm Brian Bridges and i'm here at the California Computer Using Educators Conference in Palm Springs. More than 3000 educators are here for the next three days. I'm presenting three sessions including Podcasting in the Curriculum and Picasa photo editing. normally, once i set up my computer, i give a pre-presentation presentation. i'd LOVE to add Joost to my demos.

Brian Bridges

Larry said...

If you still have the token, I'd really like to give it a try. It sounds like it will really change how we watch TV.
Thanks in advance

cheese said...

Hi I am Andrew Oh, and would like a Joost invite. THANKS!

andrew.aoh @

Greg said...

Hi Brian,
Normally, you should receive the invitation very quickly. Hope you'll have fun with Joost for your demos.

Sorry Larry and Cheese, I had only 1 token to giveaway.


megatec45 said...

Thanks for giving me a shot at it

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